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"Mom finds out about blog"

See, this is why you don't use blogger and you use LJ =^.^=

Then again, I'd have to go back and change some of my privacy settings if I ever found out that my parents knew about my blogs.

Although I do suspect that my dad knows the one at IBCorner. Although I've never caught his local IP address at IBCorner. I wish I knew his work IP address, so I could check for that.

::shrugs:: I guess it isn't too bad, really, since I don't talk to my parents that much, so they might as well be able to find out about my life some other way...

::sighs:: Came home, slept for ≈3 hours from 2:40-6. I don't feel much better though... my head still hurts, I'm still coughing ever three minute or so, and my nose is still runny. I'd stay home and skip tomorrow, but I've got my group english oral... I mean, I probably could skip, but I dunno how much of a bother it'd be to make it up. Or how I'd make it up. I'll just let my group members say more than me~ I can't really speak with my throat the way it is right now anyways.

Do to:
Finish Physics lab (in progress)
Marcuse (completely forgot to read it.)
English group oral
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