Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

I just got my new iPod.

My first reaction was, "Oh. My. God. Sosexy..... o.O"

And it is. There's be thought put into the packaging... and I never realized exactly how small it was. It's so small!

See, I had gone and read forums arguing over whether it was a toy or not, mostly due to the problem of battery lifetime (1+/- year, usually. Then you have to get the battery replaced - $99 if by apple, or $49 if you buy and void the warrantee and install it yourself.) And I was worried that it really wouldn't be worth it... but it is. All $299 dollars.

Then again, I'm not paying for this. :D It's supposed to be a birthday present.

But still. It is... Let me describe, since I don't have the digital camera (my dad has it and he's in China at the moment)
The box comes in two parts: A thin cardboard-like (thicker and harder than paper. What would you call it?) box that has no top or bottom, so it just slides off. The sides alternate in color, black, white, black, and white. This is art, people, art.
The inside box is pitch black, although some light reflect off it (semi-glossy). There's no words on the sides and a white apple on top. iPod Technical details are on the bottom.
You know pacman? Imagine 3D pacman, but as a cube. That's how this box opens. (oh, there is a small clear sticky that holds it shut, but I removed that. Inside, there's two white flaps, making the inside of the box seem completely white, except for a single line of gray letters, "Designed by Apple in California"
Each flap opens outwards.

On the right, centered in a styrophone holder, sits the iPod. It's in the glossy, plastic covering with the words, "Don't steal music." in four languages over the iPod screen. Pity they're there, otherwise I'd keep the plastic on the iPod since it works with the plastic.

On the left, there a white box with the words, "Enjoy" on the far right, centered vertically. This opens up to reveal the software and manual.

Below that, there's two components. The first one has the headphones and four sponge headphone covering thingies, a small firewire head converter, and the covers for the open ports on the iPod.
The other component section is probably for the base and the remote, which doesn't come with my model.

On the right, below the iPod, there's the power plug/converter and cord for charging the iPod. The plug is also wrapped in the plastic that the iPod is in.

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