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A snippit for your amusement.

...The Prince And Princesses Fair, as we all know right now, is a fair for Princes and Princess’ to get together and flirt, find a match, have protected sex, etc. All without the monitoring of nosy parental units (No, no, no, you can’t marry that young man, he isn’t good looking, he picks his nose, and his kingdom isn’t big enough), court magicians (I can make you be able to orgasm many, many times. Just talk your dad into getting me that rare book.), nurses (No, Princess Amedelia, you MUST make sure your prince uses the little rubbery thing, otherwise you may end up getting pregnant and that would be a BAD thing.), court jesters (Hey, Prince Peter, my ass is much tighter than her cunt, want to take me back there?), prime ministers (No, you must not marry her. That would be scandalous and disgraceful to our kingdom. Do you even know how many peasants they have? NONE! None at all!!!! I don't give a flying fuck if they do have 10,000 prospering merchants, they don't have peasants!!!), priests (He doesn’t believe in my god so I won’t marry the two of you. HE WILL BURN IN HELL AND IF YOU MARRY HIM, YOU WILL TOO!!), etc....

27,904 / 50,000 I'm more than halfway, with 3 days left.

In other news, I HATE UC's essay. Goddamnit, I don't want to write 1000 words on stupid stuff. I'm so tempted to just bs that entire thing and give up all hopes of getting in there. Oh, wait, no, I'm already bssing the entire thing, I forgot.

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