Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


Well, since there isn't a top ten reasons why guys are better than computers, I shall have to come up with it myself. Here you go, since I have much more important things to be doing:

10. You can't dance (or waltz) with your computer.
9. Guys can be soft and cuddly, unlike your computer.
8. It doesn't cost money to get a guy, unless you intend to buy him stuff.
7. You can put a collar on him, just like a little doggy!
6. You can get very intelligent responses out of a guy, if you choose one of the rare ones with brains. Whereas AI (so far) isn't too capable of highly intelligent communication.
5. You could get money from a guy, whereas you'll actually have to do some thinking to get money from a computer.
4. Computers don't have lips. No, kissing your mouse/keyboard/monitor just isn't like kissing a real guy.
3. You can get a good laugh out of talking your guy into wearing a dress. A computer in a dress is just weird and could become a fire hazard.
2. You can make real babies with a guy!
1. Humping your computer may get uncomfortable after a while, and although you could spend $30 for a USB vibrator, it just isn't the same. Even though I wouldn't know.

Ok, Lady, shut up about that last one. ¬.¬

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