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::whispers so his computer doesn't hear him:: MacOS X 10.3.x really is better. System's been up for 5+ days now and I've only experienced slowdowns when I run filesharing java apps like Acquisition and a java BitTorrent client which is, sorry to say, pure crap. Or just in the developmental stages.

Anyways, yeah, stability is good. Although I am considering a restart sometime soon, just because it's healthier for the system that way. Or so I have been led to believe from personal observations and outside opinions.

In other news, I'm finally coming to a finish (sorta) for my Stanford application. I'm not getting in, my essays are pure bs and crap.

Here's something I wrote up and then rejected because it's so utterly stupid. Which means I still need a personal experience that reveals something about me. I don't have any "personal experiences" damnit...
11. Jot a note to your future college roommate relating a personal experience that reveals something about you.
Dear future college roommate:
Sleep is not just a good thing for me. For me, sleep is essential. If I don't get at least 4 hours of sleep, I won't be able to function. And with exactly 4 hours, I'll be functioning like one sleepwalking and I'll be grumpier than a baby without his favorite toy. So if you're ever planning to stay up all night, please remember that as my roommate, you will be the first person to have their head removed when I get annoyed.

Suggestions, better ideas, hell, even worse ideas are welcome.

I hope to submit this by tomorrow night, and then get started on either Cornell or MIT, another two schools that I'm not going to get into. Why? ¬.¬ I've got too much competition... and they're all so much better than I am. No, don't deny that, damnit. Yes, you, you, and you! You know who you are. No, I'm not annoyed at you, just annoyed at the general process. We should all be paid to go to college. Yes, paid in accordance (wtf? accordance? accordion+dance? Where did this word come from?) with how well or how much we'll contribute to society in the future.

Yes, that involves seeing clearly into the future.

Yes, I know that's not exactly possible, and even if you did, no one would believe you, except for the few who happen to have bad futures, and they would just want to kill you.

Right, and I'm going away from the computer now. I've been here nearly all day, doing just about nothing.

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