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Out of procrastination...

...I decided to watch episode two of Princess Tutu. It's more interesting than I remembered, although I still don't like the animation that much.

Thus, I've decided to download all of it. And watch. And see. Coincidentally, someone started seeding all of the episodes today, so I've been downloading all day. At one point, I had 12 torrents open, 11 running at 25+/-kb/s. ^_____^ (the 12th torrent was something that I'm seeding)

The results of downloading all day: I'm left with only the second special that needs to finish. (egah, that sounded awkward. dun wanna think about how to fix it though. Need to (but don't wanna) fix world lit 2 paper. evil thing. ::attacks it with a holy grenade:: )

Oh, yes, in other news, I went on Acquisition and downloaded some 100+ monty python mp3s. Comes down (yes, down) to a total of 3 some hours... and now I'm left with 53 mp3s and 2:13:29 and 124.8 MB after going through and eliminating the duplicates and non-monty python songs.

(yes, this was how I found Big Ass Rock - The Full Monty. The search string used was "Monty" so.. yeah. I think I lost someone when I explained that. To that someone: don't worry, it's not important.)

Anyways, need to put those on my iPod. Also need to remove some of the not-favorite Christian songs from my iPod. Don't even know why I have them in the first place. Humph.

I really should get back to work. *sigh*

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