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Stanford Part II

Completed and sent.

Erm, I'll start Cornell tomorrow. Why am I leaving the most important ones for last? Mmm... dunno.

I feel as if there should be some kind of homework that I should be doing right now. But there just isn't anything due tomorrow.

Either way, I should probably work on the History IA. Or study for Math. Or Physics. There's tests coming up for those classes and I haven't exactly been paying too much attention in those classes. Granted, I studied Physics over the summer and I know like.. half of the stuff that we're learning, so I really just need to go over the textbook again and make sure I have my facts and formulas straight. So that shouldn't be a problem, other than the fact that I need to take it on wednesday instead of thursday, since I'll be gone. Sucks.

Math, on the other hand, worries me a lot more. I haven't been paying attention, mostly because I don't want to. Senioritis, I guess. But I've discovered that I've been able to slack off like that and just focus on the textbook and doing the problems one-two days before the test and still manage to get a decent (B-A) score. Still, I should try hard. Bad Ben.

History... Dreadnaught is really interesting. It's just... large and thick. Shush, Lady. And kinda daunting. A lot of it seems to be narrative, and so I'm not too sure what I'm supposed to be looking for.

Hopefully, I'll get into RMBC. I need a first period -.-;;; Rodney was like, "hey, just sleep later." A tempting suggestion, but that's not an option, is it? I was under the impression that I must have all seven periods. I dunno. Should talk to Mrs. Wong again and see about Chinese class first period and if I could be a teacher's aid or something. A 'study' period for me. That would be nice.

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