Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Well, well...

We're just going to ditch invite codes altogether. Free users will be able to join without an invite code, and without a 30 day expiration. For the users who value their invite code collection, we'll let you redeem them for paid time, either for yourself or friends. (the exact exchange rate hasn't yet been decided, but we'll try and be generous).

Interesting... But evil people who take usernames! Nyah! They have a set criteria for deleting inactive journals as well, and I really like it... it's not random deletion, and rather clear, but anyone could write a script to log in once a day... so people can still take usernames and not use it... username squatters?

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New moodlist browser... eh, I liked the other one better. ::shrugs:: someone remind me to save the original before upgrading IBCorner again.

Regarding "master" and "slave" drives... namely the use of those names..
So damn amused.

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