Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

I'm back.

Will post umm.. the posts that I wrote up sporadically during my being in Taiwan later.

Very irritated at my mmm... I guess 'cousin' (dry-cousin?) who was supposed to watch the house. We said he could use the internet but apparently he didn't know how routers work and he unplugged the cable modem from the router and then plugged it into the wrong port, meaning the router couldn't find the cable modem. Idiot. If the computer setup looks to complicated for you to use, don't fucking mess with it!
[/end rant]

222 messages, hopefully none were lost due to space problems. If you sent me an e-mail (unlikely) and got a 'error, mailbox out of space' bounced message, I apologize. I don't think I hit the space limit (10 MB) though... (I wouldn't be worrying, except that my cousin in Taiwan said he would send pictures, so I was afraid those would fill up the mailbox.)

My ear's are messed up. ::scowls:: annoying pressure changes. They're getting better now, but when we were driving away from the airport, swallowing (which seemed to equalize the pressure) occasionally caused brief busts of pain and a sensation of popping.

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