Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Trip to Taiwan

Plane ride:
was ok... seating was kinda crappy, but besides that it was ok. We stopped at San Francisco & Japan. Movies for the trip included Finding Nemo, Terminator 3 (We need to create an ICS - Independent Communication System, to prevent these things from happening), and another one I forgot. I swear, the size of the meals on the airplanes are getting smaller and smaller. At least they haven't reached the point of searching a small cup of flavorless oatmeal. That would suck.

Mmmm.... other than that, everyone looks healthy... and there's more of a feeling of family this time back... ::shrugs::

MIT application has been submitted.

I'm getting more sleep these past few days.. I think my body still thinks I'm pulling all nighters, so I'm felt a need to go to bed earlier, at 8-9PM daily, I start getting tired and my eyes get dryish. And I sleep til 6-7, which is like,11 hours of sleep per night O.o really good for me, but I wish I knew why. Anyways, (hopefully) storing energy for future use and sending a good portion back to Lady. You had better be getting sleep,young miss.

There's no internet here in my grandparents's house, so I had to go over to my cousin's house to submit the MIT application. It took a bit, because we also needed to find a driver for the USB minidrive that I was using. Final keywords were "MiniDrive 128M-A Driver" and it appeared on a chinese page o.O how the hell did I find the driver the first time I needed to install the stupid thing. Oh, and Windows 98FE (First edition) is stupid.
And because I took so long, I decided not to check on stuff (e-mail, livejournals, starsphere)... Oh, and ibcorner seems to be down. wasn't responding. ::sighs:: It shouldn't have crashed so early. I wish I left another computer on, so I could try an alternate port and see if anything responds, thus knowing if it's my system that's down, or the power's gone out.

Oh, and I brought my dad's firewire hd. with stuff on it, that I plan on looking at, but stupidly, I forgot the firewire cable. Which means it can't connect to any of the computers. Stupid, stupid, stupid. And somehow I forgot the mini-firewire port converter plug too. That's what happens when I don't sleep. I get forgetful. Someone remind me never to drive past 1 AM.

Hmmmm... we went to a beautiful glass exhibit a yesterday, there were a number of beautiful works, but we weren't allowed to take any photographs.

We attended some relative's funeral... it was kinda weird and tedious. When I am buried, please don't take that long (several hours+several days?) to say goodbye to me. I'll want to move on and see what's coming up next, if anything at all. Not that I don't love you guys, but I won't be able to hear you anyway, you know. The food they served at the funeral was good through. Vegitarian or "fake" chicken, beef, etc. Very, very good stuff.

I have so much work and so little that I've finished:
History: Map. Labeled all the countries, mountains, and rivers. Need to do the rest. Need to memorize stuff. [30%]
History: IA. Need to start reading. [0%]
Chinese: I think I owe about 3x3=9 sentences now.... [0%]
English: Need to read the book and look at the journal assignment. [0%]
ToK: Essay. Topic chosen, outline started [15%]

Went abrowsing a few days ago and found:
Shakespeare's cats? calendar - delightfully cute, but I didn't have any taiwanese money with me. fucks. Essentially, it was cats drawn with boots, swords, etc. depicted in scenes from shakespeares plays
Richard Pipes, The Unknown Lenin - was on the shelves. ewwwie.
hotline book describing free downloads - I was shocked and amused. Hotline is slightly out of date now, BitTorrent being the better and faster way of getting things, unless you're not looking for zero-day warez

Mmm... beat Megaman X2 and X3 over these past few days. Trying to get Zero's sword in Megaman X3 now. Pity the stupid snes emulator I brought along on the pc doesn'thave very good sound support. Then again, it was ported to windows from linux and so the speed isn't too great either. If I manage to get internet access again, I need to to try to get zsnes again. Stupidly, I deleted the copy I originally had on the system.

Went to Taibei... or was it some other name? I get the names of the cities I go to messed up. Phoo. anyways, went there for a day and a half to visit an aunt's house and borrow an uncle's internet access. ADSL. talked online with Lady, who was the only one still awake, I think. It was past midnight, christmas, I think? The whole crossing over the international date line and being 13? hours off from what I usually know has completely scrambled my internal clock.

I'm listening to the Phantom of the Opera. God bless the iPod. Damn AA batteries that I brought back for the CD player died (which means that I can't listen to about mmm... 2-3 GB of music on MP3 CDs that I have. Don't have the portable that can connect with the iPod either. Never got to install Win 98SE on the PC I'm using right now.). Anyways... lots of songs I've completely forgotten.

Ummm.... I'm too lazy to describe the house I live in, but I was asked, so I'll take pictures or something. ::sighs:: lazy and don't want to.

Pictures taken.

Wheee, I found the vibrator store! Was walking with relative though, and mom and sister, so I couldn't stop in a browse. Dunno what other people on the streets would think either ^^;;; ::sniffles:: I wanna go in and browse. We're leaving this city tomorrow and won't be back until the day we leave through. :P sucks. much. Didn't get a chance to take the perfectly sized massager thing either. I want a vibrator. Even though I can't think of a safe way to get it back to the USA without parents finding it. Maybe I'll stick with hoping that I'd get enough courage to go to Forbidden Fruits before the school year ends.

Must remember to spellcheck these posts before posting.

Work update: History map's complete, thanks Lady ^^. Just need to pen, color, and memorize it now. I started reading a random section of my IA. Need to go back and figure out what I need to do with it. Note cards and stuff, huh. Evil. I have note cards, but what am I supposed to take notes on? My IA book is all narrative.
Wrote 3 sentences of chinese. I still need to do another 9-12? Dunno what the teacher was expecting. It'd probably be better to do more. ::Sigh::
English, still need to read the book and look at the journal assignment. No progress on ToK. There's not much I can do about it until I get materials and quotes. Ways of knowing, ickypoo.

Oh, and random observation (ok, not really random, more... male oriented?):
There's girls in uniforms! And skirts! ^___^;; ::pervy::
Oh, and there's lingerie stores all over the place. Bras and panties~ ::muses::'s like public porn!

Yeah, enough of that. I'm going to go (attempt to) read a chinese book to please my mom. I wish learning chinese was as easy as drinking down orange juice or milk or something.

I feel needy. And wanting human contact, physical contact. ::sighs:: is this normal? Senpai, do you ever feel such a need? Mrf. I feel silly too.

I'm in Gaoxiong (or Kaohhiang, depending on spelling). I've been here for... 2 days? mmmm, three changes of underwear. Yeah, tonight's the third night. We'll be leaving, on the train, back to Taibei soon. Four hour train ride, if that helps any. Mmm, and sleeping a night in Taibei and then back on the plane to return to the good old USA sometime early that morning. We'll arrive on the night of the first, leaving me three days to get ready for school and finish all incomplete things.

This portable's battery needs to be replaced. It's more than 24% worn, there's a crack running through it that's an inch long, and it only lasts 30-45 minutes per full charge. 124 cycles of discharging and recharging, according to the battery monitor.

There are mosquitos here, in Gaoxiong. ::Scowls:: pesky little creatures, don't seem to die when swatted. I'm usually able to kill the evil little bugs when they fly around me, by catching them in the air, but that doesn't work here. Poor lighting or something.

Something just fell from the AC. O.O I think I'll leave it alone and let someone else take care of it.

Oh, I should take pictures, shouldn't I. Yepyep, lemme go do that....

done. Got pictures of the room we're sleeping in, as well as down the stairs and the bathroom. Have not gotten a pictures of the room that my grandfather is sleeping in, as it looks like he isn't completely asleep, and I dislike bashing my head against the language barrier trying to explain. Oh, and I got a picture of a giant cockroach before it got squished by my shoe. I hope I killed it, 'cause I only whacked it once, then hit it again when it looked crippled on the drawer thingie at the head of our bed and then knocked it off behind the drawer. You know, a wiser course of action would probably be to pick it up and dump it into the trashcan, but that's... icky. You know.

Oh, and several more things:
1) Spa 'My Island' - was big, the size of a football field, maybe less. We went on a weekday, so there wasn't anyone there. It was interesting. There was water massagers (really strong streams of waters, designed to pound various places of the body.) and hot and cold tubs. The most interesting tubs included one with coffee (yes, coffee! I didn't try to taste it, but that's what they said it was, and it certainly smelled somewhat like coffee) and some herbal mixure. Or was that tea? I forget. It was interesting, anyways. Mmmm, and there was an interesting massager that was designed for massaging the feet, back, or butt. It was too stong for my feet (it tickled, a lot), and letting it massage my back wasn't that interesting. There was another back massaging one that was stronger and felt more effective, so I settled with letting it massage my butt, which was weird. The depth of the water is about 5 ft, and the force of the massager is so strong that I could actually sit over where the water came out and be pushed up so it looked like I was sitting on a chair when I was actually just sitting on water. Umm.. I finally moved on to other things when water started to make it's way up my butt. ^^;; Yeah, you probably didn't need to know that. Not expecting too many people read all of this anyways.

And I got to take a proper shower there too, which was good, instead of using buckets and a small pot-sized plastic thing-pot to scoop out water and dump it on myself (that was the method used at bother gaoxiong and taibei.

2) The anime here on TV. There's so many, and their cartoon network (yes, it has the "Cartoon network" picture/image/thing - you know, that rectangle with black and white squares? yeah, that "Cartoon network") shows a LOT of anime. And none of the crap that's on our TVs in the US. Or maybe if there's crap, it isn't on during the prime time hours (being breakfast and dinner, for me ^_^ )
So far, I've seen:
Tokyo Mew Mew, Scryed, Bottle Fairies, Shaman King, Hikaru No Go, and an advertisement for Naruto, although I could never figure out what channel it was on, and at what time.
There were a few others, but I don't remember them now. Oh, and they showed Spirited Away yesterday.

Mmmm, yeah, think that's it, there's not much more that I remember that I need to say. Should go do some homework now. 3 days is all the winter break I get. ::Sighs:: I hope no one has plans involving me related to fun and partying. I doubt I'll have the time, even though I really REALLY Want to. :P

No, there's one last thing. I'm learning a bit of taiwanese! Still can't understand fast, normal day conversations including politics, schools, and other assorted details, but I understand or can guess enough to know what people might be trying to say. Yay for me.

Pictures will be posted tomorrow, hopefully. I'm putting captions on them.

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