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I didn't sleep at all last night. Not good. Goddamn jetlag. Why does Taiwan have to be so far away that it's 12 hours off, sheesh...

Anyways, this was the result of sleeping until 12 yesterday, then eating lunch, and then falling asleep until 5 PM.

And so I couldn't sleep, at all. I suppose I could have tried harder, but eh.. I don't think it would have worked... so I spent most of the night wandering around on the internet (livejournal and random japanese porn sites), watched R.O.D. TV 15 and 16 (evil, evil Joker), and beat one level of BOOM ( And then listened to bad mp3 versions of Reaper Man.

I think I'm going to avoid napping completely today, which means I'm going to try to not sleep for, oh... 28 hours. I don't think I can do 24 hours, much less 28. Anyways... hopefully, that'll let me sleep tonight and switch back to a more normal sleeping schedule before school starts. I wish we didn't go to Taiwan for so damn long. ::grumbles:: And I wish I had better self-discipline so I would have gotten more done. I need to do the History IA outline by monday and I have absolutely nothing - no note cards, etc. I've read chunks of the book, but that's only one section and I'm not sure how much we need to read. And the english journal's due tuesday, and the book (Heart Of Darkness) doesn't make any sense. Stupid author can't use the return key, apparently, so a good number of quotes are clumped together when they could probably be spaced out a lot more to make reading it easier. Or maybe it was just because I read it on the plane.

I suppose it'd be rather impossible to get a snowstorm sunday night? How has the weather been, btw?

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