Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


Huh. I don't think I'll ever say "oro" again. Not that I do. ::dislikes Kenshin because of how people around him had obsessed over it for a while... and because it's too long::

Anyone care to verify this information? Not that I don't trust thestripedone but it's just that I'd rather make sure that he (or she? too lazy to check userinfo) is right.

"Amusingly enough, one meaning of "oro" in japanese is "vaginal discharge" Makes you look at kenshin in a whoooole new light, doesn't it? XD"
"悪露 【おろ】 (n) lochia; post-natal vaginal discharge


おろおろ (adv,n,vs) nervous; flustered; in a dither; all shook up

But I think it's fairly obvious which one kenshin uses. <_< Yep. Definitely post-natal vaginal discharge"

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