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I need to stick my CDs through DiskTracker again. More than 200 uncatalogged CDs.

You know... what the hell am I going to do with all of these when I go to college? Would I look silly carrying in a box of CDs full of anime? o.O Will whatever anime club that's at my college approve? Or would I just scare my roommate?

Hmm... Bishi Wallpapers and Art Collections.. o.O

Naruto 66-67 is out, as one special two-episode combo. 'cept the BT Tracker is down. Goddamnit.

Battle Royale II has hit BitTorrent. Despite Balor-san's warning, I'm going to watch it anyways... There's also an Asterix and Obelix in Amerika. o.O Curiosity overrules rational need for disk space. Paycheck VCD rip or something like that is out as well.

Mmmm... Today's english exam was confusion. The prompt was weird. Oh well. Computer's exam was easy, although I think I probably managed to be careless on at least one or two problems. I never get perfects on exams/tests. ::sighs::

Anyways, three days to study for history.

Dad comes home today from.. somewhere. ^^;;; I've forgotten where he went. That could be bad.

Nope, don't like this song. ::deletes:: I'm still trying to go through that 2 GB of mp3s I got from Japan-A-Radio and deleting the ones I don't like. 1:13:54:28 playing time for the whole playlist. I'm slightly more than half-way through the playlist.

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