Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

AIR - summerwinds

That commercial is beautiful... Not as good as the Azurewinds one, but.. ::shrugs:: I'm still amazed at how awesome commercials can get. And like Azurewinds, they used a minimal amount of animation... mostly it was fades in, fade out, moving text, etc.

And the Battle Royale II turned out to be raw. Just opened it to start watching. ::growls:: ::watches anyways:: must check to see if a subbed one has been released...

Eiiiii, MacOS X on the iBook in Battle Royale II!

[ edit | oh, haha, I'm stupid. Battle.Royale.2.(2003).DvdRip.Proper.Complete-SaM-rar.torrent is probably the subtitles files, isn't it. ::waits for it to download - stupid server error:: ]

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