Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

'nother reason to learn Japanese.

website for some game or other | babelfish translated

And the Bishi Wallpaper art collection? There's quite a few pictures in there (from Ai Yori Aoshi) that misrepresent the series. ::saddened:: it's much more innocent... #29 gives a better feeling of the series.

Angelium is pretty... o.O I want to draw like that... wings!

eeeee... so cute! (anime art 04)

gods.. so jealous of people with art skills... >.<

hehe, so cute. And she (or he? o.O) has a collar/choker~ (anime art 46)

hmm.. there's something Gordon would like... (anime art 58) ::wonders if he should forward it to him:: and maybe Lady too~ =^.-=

Ooh, cute doggy.. something Lady would like, mayhaps? (Anime CG 50, Da Capo 75, GA Graphic 13, 38, 40, 44, 45, )

Ok, I swear.. I will be able to draw like this one day. I'm going to keep trying until I can, damnit. ::jealous::

Anime CG 95. wow. o.O proportions look a bit weird, but hey, it's good.

Chains, Lady? =^.-= Anime CG 120

::melts:: so cute... (anime CG 186) kitten!!!

Hahaha... interesting. Anime CG 194. ::looks pointedly at the people who do art on the computer and have been known to do R/XXX stuff::

I wonder if people would object if I took some of these to make icons or friends only banners with... not that I'd actually get around to it, but... still... I suppose I'd cite the art collection as my source, since most of these don't seem to have authors names on them.

I'll post a catalog of the images somewhere if people are interested.

And someone remind me to finish the 1&1 registration for their webhosting service.

::points at Brave Soul 3.jpg:: I want! or rather, I wouldn't mind taking her place, and her body.... ^^;; what gonna happen to her, anyone want to tell me?
Catgirls! : club maniac 24, 28, GA Graphic 37
Hmmm, and since I'm being selfish.. ::points to Da Capo 59:: I want her bell! The one she has around her neck. =^____^=;;

::gasp:: OMG... Fruits Basket... and FMA!! Hmm.. Full Metal Panic looks interesting.. I should watch it sometime. And they have GateKeeper pics! Heh, and Gunslinger girl...

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