Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Oh and...

iJournal (the livejournal client for MacOS X) has been updated. Or rather, it was updated a while ago... and now it's much much better.

It can save entries (yay!) and it can automatically do so every X minutes so no more lost entries! It also lets you keep a log of entries on your local hard disk somewhere.. mmm, and there were other spiffies but I've forgotten what they were.

I'll begin work on the IBCorner -> crossposting tomorrow, after exams and before lily get's back so I can whine at her about the DDR Tournament. We have 8 pre-registered people, 5 who are club members and helping out in the tournament somehow, so we're not getting money from them. I was hoping for at least that many non-club people T.T I don't know how many people will actually stay after and wait until 11 for the tournament to start. :P Evil cafeteria timing. Sucksucksucksucks. So anyways, if you go to RM, tell people to come to the tournament. Or come watch. Or something.

Physics studying is more or less done. I need to get started on math. Should NOT have wasted so much time curled up on my bed dozing off and trying to grow catears and a tail. Then again, I was tired from not getting enough sleep last night.

I'm going to go take a shower. =.= I want to fall asleep again and not study for math. 'cept that would be more than very bad, since I don't know my grade for this quarter and I fear what I might have gotten. ::dies, stabs corpse, and dies again, to be reborn as a beautiful non-existent angel who can't take math exams because she's non-existent:: ...'cept that wouldn't work. 'cause I'd fail. bah.

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