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Just a quick note to say that I haven't received your "Personal Application." You are one of our priority candidates, so I've decided to extend your deadline until January 31 - which gives you an extra weekend to complete your application.

And to make this easier for you, you can apply online right now by going directly to Your User Name is BENJAMINJUANG and Password is **********.

Look at the benefits you get by completing your application by January 31:

- No application charge.
- An admission decision within three weeks.
- Priority financial aid consideration.

If you've already submitted your application, then please disregard this e-mail. Otherwise, I look forward to receiving your application - either online or by mail.

Matthew Whelan
Director of Admission
St. John's University

If you no longer wish to receive e-mail from St. John's, please tell me.

Huh... do they really want me that badly? Or they sending this out to everyone on their mailing lists... I wonder. If anyone wants, I can tell you the password and you can fill out my application for me :D be sure to pick "female" under gender.

Same with Northwestern... They sent me an envelope with an application and a note that said the deadline was extended for something or other that I apparently am. Now, I'm actually considering going through the bother of applying to Northwestern, 'cause like, it's a nice school. but I'm also feeling lazy. The irritation of having to do essays and having hear the school councilor people whine about having to do an transcript so late is somewhat of a negative factor. Although Mrs. Neiwraski (mangled her name, I know. Too lazy to it up and fix it. If you know who I'm talking about, that works then.) said if I _ever_ need a letter of recommendation written, I should just go to her. ::hugs those words and the praise of organization and responsibility she gave him today:: it's reassuring to know she thought it was a good job.

Need to unlazify myself and get to writing out a CAS hour form. I think I can claim at least enough hours from managing the DDR tournament to fulfill the requirements and put this stupid CAS thing out of my mind.

Met Mai-chan today. =^.-= my hands were full, unfortunately, so I couldn't pat her on the head. Hopefully, I'll recognize her the next time I see her ^^;;;;

Overall, the ddr tournament was a success. I got there at 9:30ish, but didn't see anyone, so I wandered around a bit before finding Jeremy. ::muses:: that kid should claim a position in anime club. He supports me alot, 'specially when I do the withdrawing-into-self thing when confronted with having to be a leadershippish personrole. :P I still don't know how to talk to people. Mmmm.. lack of confidence in my overall appearance, I think. Anyways, so we wander down to S5, where we didn't find our sponsor, so we waited there. She came around 10:05 or 10:10. She picked up papers she needed to grade, no one had any makeup exams (I think) and we headed back up to the cafeteria to find the freshmen girls with the really nice RedOctane Pads waiting for us. Dropping off our stuff, we wandered down the hallway to find TVs to use and got one from Mrs. Marioski(? in room 121) and another from Mr. Frezzo. People couldn't wait, so we just started setting up at 10:30 and started dancing. I know I've said this before.. but those freshman girls scare me. They got mad skills. And reflexes. Or just a good memory for where their feet need to go. Anyways.. yes. Janitorial people never came in to clean like they said there were going to until about 11 or 12, but then when I checked with them, they insisted that everything was ok. ::shrugs:: I got the impression that some of them had forgotten and was complaining that they needed to do things. Or maybe that was just me worrying. Anyhow... Laura (freshman) won in the advanced category. And mmm.. forgot the name of the girl who won the beginner category. Ashley or Aubry or something. Tournament finished at about 1:10, although it would have finished earlier 'cept people kept thinking that it was over and took over the pads so we had to wait for them to finish their song before we could get the next pair/round to compete. Eh well. Comes from not making things clear, I guess.

Oh, and if anyone sees any DDR posters, please take them down and throw them away for me? I went around to remove them, but I was missing one handdrawn one and two (I think) photoshop ones.

Oh. no, I remember.. there's one stuck on the wall as you walk towards the media center from the top of the first stairwell - the one that's at the school lobby end of the language hallway. Mmm.. that leaves one more. Same for the handdrawn one. Doesn't help that I hadn't gotten a lot of sleep when I was putting those up either. I wandered around in a daze, looking for good places. Gar. ::prods memory::

Need to cut my nails. Might be mistaken for a girl otherwise. ^_-
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