Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Wow, another one...?

I haven't received your Hood College "Priority Decision Application," so I'm extending the deadline until January 30, 2004.

Use this time to finish application questions or to remind your counselor or teacher about their recommendation forms. Be sure to submit your completed application, including Counselor Recommendation Form, Teacher Recommendation Form, transcript and writing sample, by January 30, 2004. That way, you'll still be eligible for such great benefits as an admissions decision in just two weeks, no new essay, no application charge, and priority scholarship consideration. And the first 200 applicants receive a Hood College baseball cap.

Save yourself some time: go to to apply online. Enter your User Name (BJUANG) and Password (**********) to begin.

Susan Hallenbeck, Ph.D.
Dean of Admissions
Hood College

Let me know if you would prefer not to receive further messages from Hood College.

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