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Oh, and would anyone happen to know...

...what the heck the \ before the variables mean in perl...?

LJ::do_request(\%req, \%res, $flags);

[ edit | 11:10 ]
ah, nevermind, I found it on google.. had to search for "slash before" and perl though. Apparently it's Dereferencing. WTF??? =.= Why the holy flying fuck would you even want to do that? Now, I suppose the memory location would be useful.. but WHY is livejournal calling that when you do post? Why is it sending do_request() the memory location of those hashes (any perl variable that starts with the % is a hash, perl variables that start with @ are arrays, and $ are scalars) instead of the actual value.

I don't comprehend the madness. Fuckit, that's irritating me. Now I need to spend time reading the de_request function. Buggers.

...yeah, I know there was more cursing there than usual, but it irritates me that that wasn't covered in "Learning Perl" ¬.¬ stupid book and stupid llamas.
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