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IBNeko's Journal-Nyo~!
ibcorner <- add as a friend if you want to read the posts that are crossposted here from IBCorner.

http://ibcorner.servehttp.com/ibcorner-addafriend.bml <- go here to add yourself as ibcorner's friend. This will let you see all friend-only posts at IBCorner that get crossposted here.

Stuff I should do:
Do more testing on the update.bml page and make sure things work.
See if I can modify the modify.bml page so that when you modify, changes are sent to the corresponding post here on livejournal - this is much harder.. either I have to add a field in the database so that I can save the id of the corresponding post, or I'll have to search for it, neither of which will be easy. Of course, there's always the third option of just ignoring that minor problem....
Modify the IBCorner AIM bot so that I can crosspost to livejournal and deadjournal, the only two lj-type servers that I seem to have trouble posting to.
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