Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


Coffee flavored Yogurt tastes NASTY. Seriously nasty. As bad as nasty cough medicine. No, worse. Like wine, 'cept you're mixing coffee and yogurt.. and there's not enough coffee flavor to cover the yogurt which.. ugh..

Remind me never to try this stuff again.

And it needs to massively dump snow on our area tomorrow. I'm tired of this sprinkle-y stuff that gives us a millimeter of snow and then wanders off to do business elsewhere. Or maybe I just need to modify the way my spell works. Is it conflicting with someone else's..?

Ooooh, and I found xsnow! (and also xroach) both which run on the X11 window system. It's a umm... GUI layer for unix, I guess..? Dunno how to describe it. Any unix guru's out there that want to give it a better definition?
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