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Out of boredom.

'cept not. More like.. avoid english. -.-;; bad me.

Night Walker
Night Walker, the second class of vampire. You are
depressive and introverted, making it hard to
reach you. Your servants are very few, because
you do not like to take prisoners. Your powers
are comprised of shadow magic. You are lonely
deep down inside, but won't let others see your
true self. You should try to open up more

What class of vampire are you? (more new images!)
brought to you by Quizilla

yes, school got released early due to a water main break. Schedule's messed up... I'm hopefully going to get it switched. ::sighs:: I don't get to be with Senpai or Lady this semester... and that SUCKS. Very much. ::sighs again:: I don't see either of them enough as is... bother. Maybe I should go make new close friends or something. 'cept I'm too lazy to and there's only one semester left anyways.

I want a school outside of school without homework and classes and just friends. :P Stupid world. Modify yourself for my selfishness, damnit.

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