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IBNeko's Journal-Nyo~!
Berkeley scholarship..?
Dear prospective UC Berkeley student,

On behalf of the of the 93,000 members of the California Alumni Association,
I applaud your decision to apply to UC Berkeley and encourage you to now
take the time to apply for one of the most prestigious awards at the

The Alumni Leadership Scholarship gives out nearly one million dollars every
year to UC Berkeley undergraduates who have demonstrated leadership
abilities in their school, activities, jobs or community.

Applying for a UC Berkeley Alumni Leadership Scholarship is easy; in fact,
by applying to UC Berkeley, you've already done most of the work. For full
details on how to apply you can visit our website at
www.alumni.berkeley.edu/als or check the UC Application for Undergraduate
Admission and Scholarships.

All applications for the Alumni Leadership Scholarship must be RECEIVED by
February 14, 2004. If you have any questions regarding the Alumni
Leadership Scholarship, please email the Alumni Scholarships Office at

Best of luck in your collegiate endeavors!


Michael Lombardo
Director, Alumni Scholarships

Please note: Your receipt of this email is in no way an indication of
acceptance to the UC system. This message has been sent to you regardless
of your admissions status or eligibility for the Alumni Leadership

Application Deadline: RECEIVED by February 14, 2004

What I need to do to get the scholarship: Write a description of up to three activities from the last four years in which you demonstrated significant leadership. Explain in detail what you did, what was accomplished and how your leadership made a difference. Submit your description on two pages maximum of white paper, preferably typed. At the top of each page, print your full legal name, social security number, birthdate, school name and College Board school code.

I suppose I could use it... problem is, do I want to take the bother if I don't know if I'll be accepted yet?
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yifinity From: yifinity Date: February 1st, 2004 10:24 pm (UTC) (Link)
It depends how much of a difference the money would make if you did go there.  Is Berkeley especially expensive or is this particular scholarship worth a lot?  I guess it also depends on what else you'd be doing with the time it takes to write your essay (for example, schoolwork, if you still care about grades at this point.. second semester?).
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