Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


Finally had all of them today. ::sighs:: The Chinese 2 class during period 6 that I'm stuck in is rather sucky. But I think I need the time to force myself to study so I don't completely fail the IB Chinese SL exam.

History.. got second book approved, although I'm going to look for another one. I don't particularly like this book. If anyone knows any good books about the Dreadnought and the British-German naval race not written by Masse, please tell me?

ROD TV 19 and 20 are out RAW. Full Metal Alchemist 17 has been released by AKeep-ANBU... Noir 1-26 (complete) has been released by KAA, as well as Sakura Wars TV eps. 1, both being DVD rips. Ah, and Kino No Tabi 7 was released by PhA/A-Et a few days ago. Wonderful series, highly recommended. Need to find the DVD when it gets released here.

Brian Oh is interested in Naruto. Heh. Interesting...

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