Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


Currently seeding 1-3,4-6,10,13 from Mognet. Waiting for 7-9 (91.1%@2.3K/s), 11 (99.9%@0.0K/s), 12 (90.3%@0.0K/s) to complete.

I watched the first episode... it's weird. Kinda... randomly really really funny in places but somehow it feels as if it moves a bit too slowly. And there doesn't seem to much of a plot yet. Will watch 2 and 3 tomorrow (or today, rather) and see if it gets any better... otherwise I may just delete the series. It takes up at least 2.2 GB and that space could be used for other things.

Lady? When be the times for the Fantasticks (sp?). This weekend is apparently hell for mom/sister with lots of rushing around and competitions and stuff as well as people coming over and many other assorted things, so I'm trying to decide when I should go watch the show... Or maybe I'll just be cheap and watch one of the rehearsals.

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