Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Fantasticks, Torrents, and an update...

Bluetooth update. See Apple.

There Fairy Nights and Legend of Fairies, english and uncensored (yes, they're hentai games) on BT. Naruto 69's out, although not by the fansubbed version by ANBU yet.

Fantasticks.. Mmm, not going to repeat my post. Just look at

Oh, and to save directly to the desktop (or default download spot) in the new safari, just control-alt-clickonlink. That bugs me, I'm used to the old, click and just save. Need a preference setting/option to change it back.. ¬.¬

now to go study for math. Must do better.

...oh, and roads outside are starting to get slippery. I pray everyone who was at the show gets home safely... ::nuzzles Lady and Sis::

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