Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


Just finished watching the last episode of Full Moon wo Sagashite. And it's so wonderful and beautiful and so full of hope... ::has tears in his eyes::

I highly recommend it to everyone who's can download all 52 episodes (yeah, there's a few fillers, but some are needed to portray the struggle Mitsuki (the main character) faces... The series is filled with emotion, the song is good, and the storyline has enough unexpected twists to satisfy me.

Summary: A 12 year old girl (Mistsuki) wants to sing (and become a singer) because it's her dream and the promise she made with her childhood boyfriend (Eechi-kun). She faces several problems, the major ones being the fact that she has throat cancer and can't speak or sing loudly without causing herself pain, and also her grandmother (whom she lives with, her parents are dead) is extremely against any music. The story starts when one day, two shinigami arrive (shinigami are gods of death, but in this case, they seem to be more of half angels..) and unexpectedly, she can see them (humans aren't supposed to be able to see them). So the story is her struggle, as well as the shinigami's attempts of help her (their goal is to make sure she's happy in life, so they can take her soul when it's her proper time to die.. or something like that).

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