Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


Can't say I was amazingly productive... But work got done, so that's good.

Entertainment - Mechanical Bull, Obstacle Course, Moon Bounce, Sumo Wrestling, Music, Karaoke, Pool Tables, Ping Pong, Food and Beverages and more
-[rmptsa] RMHS Post Prom News [rmptsa at list dot lights dot com]

I fear the prom. o.O ::doesn't understand society and having to dress up and other assorted things.::

In other news, a new chapter of Tanj's Tales came out. Kinda... hard to read due to odd perception changes, but plot's moving, so I don't mind~ (eh, beware, it is adults only... so don't go clicking if you're too young in mind, body, and/or soul.)

There's been an increased number of stupid spam emails coming my way, trying to sell who knows what. It's starting to bug me... Would anyone be troubled if I abused the forms of the companies that the spam mail links to? My theory is that they have to have some control over the spam. Who would waste time and effort and bandwidth trying to mail out advertisements for other companies?

...why do these companies exist in the first place... viagra replacement. ::snort derisively::

Few small random Apple updates... something for appleworks documents, another for fixing a bug with playing DVDs on 10.2.8, and a last one for AFP. Mmm, and yes, there's Mozilla FireFox (replacing FireBird). Came out a few days ago. If you goto RM and want an alternate browser, it's in the student shared folder (S drive, umm... "shared" folder?), pre-installed. :D

How long does it take to mail something from here to California? Like.. with normal USPS mail? That Berkeley Scholarship Application is due the 14. Not postmarked the 14, but they have to get it on the 14. Don't see why I have to mail it in the first place... would be easier to send it online. Wonder if they have that option........ And it's (only?) $1000s, renewable yearly. Have to write an essay talking about my leadership roles and such.

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