Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Da Capo

Total Episodes: 26
Is it worth watching? Nah.

There were a few touching episodes at the end, but overall, there's practically nothing in terms of plot or character development. Lots of romance, and "dates", but nothing special. In fact, it gets rather repetitive after a while.

I think the excessive romance might be getting to me -.-;;

And at points, it's clear that it's from an H-game. Not really bothersome, but as a result, there's a limited number of characters...

I think I'm going to work on watching Azumanga Daioh next. Yayfor excessive happy random anime. And I should find time to watch the rest of Papuwa that I have, but that series scares me... fish in fishnets, random eating of babies o.O cooking people, random crossdressing... Actually, it kind of reminds me of Excel Saga, but with frightening bizarre things.

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