Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Photos Needed.

Deadline: March 11, preferably before then (like, March 5, next friday.)

- History Oral or students working on IB Art Journal
- It's Academic Team (Sharon... do you guys have pictures I can borrow and scan in? Or just tell me when you guys meet and I can get get pictures...)
- Rehearsing for Black Maskers Show (Actor Rehearsals have started that I can take pictures of, right? Or maybe there's pictures from the past that I can pull?)
- Jazz Ensemble or Orchestra (If we have a professional, people-on-stage picture, we could use that. Otherwise, I'll have to take a picture of the class or something o.O )
- Mock Trial (Wednesday, 6 PM, Rockville Courtroom?)
- Fine Lines (Erm. Not sure how I'll get a picture of this. Probably just drop by Fine Lines sometime and take pictures or something. When do you guys meet?)
- Amnesty International (WTF? Solomon: "Try and get a picture of them doing stuff.. like signing a petition or something." What I need to know is, Who are they, who's the sponsor, and when do they meet? Brian said Leah Greenberg would know. I don't know her well though...)
- Swim Team (...Ok, where am I going to get pictures for this...?)
- Archeology Club (will talk to Gordon. I'm pretty sure he has pictures)
- Students+Teachers, with teacher's arm around student or something like that. (...I'm going to have to talk to people+teachers to get this one... Maybe Mr. Thomas and one of his students... With diversity too, :P not sure how I'm going to accomplish that. Maybe I'll just ask her to arrange the people.)
- "Photo of current freshmen reaching out + cutout of missing student, with a sign saying "THIS COULD BE YOU" or an equivilant something" (...she'll have to arrange that too. I can do the photoshop, but other stuff, I suppose.)

This is for the Powerpoint thing Mrs. Solomon will show the incoming? 8th graders... If anyone wants to see the powerpoint script/outline that I disapprove of, ask and I'll scan it in for you.
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