Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


Our substitute teacher in math had one today... he pulled it out because I pulled out mine and had let Ouqi take a look (she was asking for music suggestions...).

He had the grey one... It _was_ smaller, and seemed lighter... Didn't look too bad, but I still like mine better... No sharp edges. And 4GB? That's not enough, man... I don't want to sacrifice size for capacity.

English oral sucked... Well, no, the mini-play we did was good (the content, anyways), apparently people liked that. Then it went downhill from there. Like, down a 60º hill. o.O or something like that. Mine was probably too short... and it was clear that Kate and Chris didn't prepare much.. We all had lots of "Ums" "Eh" and long, pregnant pauses that didn't deliver.

I'm beginning to doubt that snow might come on friday night and save me. ::worries:: I should also look up the rest of the people in my group, so I'm not surprised or shocked or anything... There's no one I know, I think. Bah. I'm in the 8-10 group though, so I'll be done with it early, and have the rest of the time to relax until Lily's b-day party, practice DDR, whatnot. ::note to self- make people who haven't tried DDR dance. Get Lily to help me do that. Check with her about arriving a tad bit early to set up stuff. See if she still needs a TV... check and see if a school's TV could be conveniently wheeled off school ground and towed behind a car. :D ::

Hmmm, staying afterschool tomorrow to take pictures of Fine Lines, then maybe Drama, if there's any kind of set done, otherwise I may have to hunt down Mrs. Krebs and see if she has pictures... or maybe use the video from Hello Dolly or something. MacOS 8/9 does have screenshot abilities, right? Same old key combo, if I remember correctly? Yeah, so I'll just import it with the school's video-enabled macs, play it, find a nice shot, take a few screenshot and use those. Not really my preferred method of getting things done, but those systems don't have USB, nor are they networked... So I think that's probably the only way of getting it. Would be nice to be able to send the video home though. Pity I can't do anything about it. Yet.

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