Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Oooh, I luv.

Just discovered my camera's more advanced options (pro-style like white balancing, rapid pic taking, 16 pictures on one image (like those photobooth thingies!)) o.O and in a search for a manual to tell me more, I discovered their CD supported MacOS X. You know how rare that is? O.o and we got this camera, what... a year+ ago? Yes, MacOS X has been out for much longer than that, but most companies still don't have MacOS X support on their product CDs. Or they didn't, a year ago. ::impressed::

Yes, so camera fun, wheeee~

My only complaint is that their flash site for the coolpix cameras is crappy and unresponsive on Safari. I want to get to the damn Manual, sheesh... Just... click... for... me...

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