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Wow. God Bless Norton Systemworks.

God Bless Norton Systemworks and their AutoProtect. (Lady, you still have my copy, right? Or have you given it back and I've just misplaced it or something?) I had thought my data was gone forever... Unerase wouldn't find it no matter what I tried. But then I got Volume Recover to work, although that itself took several tries (it kept crashing), two Disk Doctor sessions, and then another session of Volume Recover.
I'm really, really considering buying it now. The real, legal version. That's... 62 dollars on Amazon. Hum. That money was for other, more entertaining things, but that's half of what it would have cost me if I tried to use VirtualLab [ ] to recover my files (they said $100 for 1 GB - approx. the size of my Library folder). And they couldn't really find the folder either... Go Norton.

Let's see.. yes, so IBCorner will be back pretty soon. Hopefully, without any problems.. >< I have the 2 AM backup from some point in time... 2 PM? Right now, the main hard disk has been 'rewound' back to 12AM (or was that 12PM) of Thursday. I'm not sure what that means, exactly... As far as I understand, changes made to the hard disk past that point are gone. That includes some pictures (damn), some anime (eh, redownload), and some mail (still on mail server, hopefully). But still, small loss compared to the horror of losing everything. I'm not sure what it's done with the database, that may have to be fixed as well. I'm running disk doctor right now, and will probably follow that up with Unerase to see if I can recover a) the pictures, and b) some of the anime (better than redownloading it, you know).

Can't, for the life of me, remember if anything else got changed. Should have gone back and saved the database for ibcorner, pictures and anime. To people who use IBCorner, sorry... I don't remember if people did post between midnight and 6/7 PM... -.-;;; the Volume Recover is not undoable and I'm not going to try to recover the database files seperately... I doubt Unerase will be able to find them. Most I can recover is the backup file, probably.

History Oral's tomorrow :P I am not ready. I will never be ready. It's not snowing and that makes me upset, considering how much energy I put into trying to convince a storm to grace our area with it's presence. Must go get ready instead of procrastinating about it. I've got the 8-10 session, Hines. Need to bring my camera as well, as Mrs. Solomon wants one of the pictures to be of the History Orals.

Need to get on with the audio memories project of mine. Also need to do the shitload of large-ish projects due next week (history reading, english presentation *dies*) and medium things (physics lab), and figure out how cue sheets usually work, and what kind of format people would like them to be in... (could probably have fun making the pretty and highly detailed cue sheets like Chris did for some show or other.. with one cue per page as opposed to a chart. Also need to check up on the existance of the Techie codebooks and make sure they're still there... probably got thrown away or stolen by some freshman again.)

Saturday will be purely for Oral, then relaxing at home (DDR, maybe, so I can show off my non-existant skills later in the day), going out to pick up her birthday present (::sighs:: still want to get her the inflatable man... probably not happening though.), then Lily's party.

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