Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


Done with my evil IB History IA Orals! Actually went decently well, and I think I was probably too sleepdeprived to really notice anything stupid that I said. Which was good, 'cause that leaves me with a nice warm fuzzy feeling of relief that it's over and nothing overly bad occurred. Answering the questions wasn't hard at all, although I didn't do too great of a job writing the outline/cue sheet for my 'peers' so I didn't get too many questions ^^;; and it was mostly Mr. Hines and Catherine (I know you probably don't read my journal, but thank you!)

::gives Jules' luck back to her:: Thank you, it was most helpful~ Although it didn't bring snow, it did manage to let me get through my oral without any major mishaps. =^.^=

On the even brighter side, I now have pictures of the Orals, so that's one more picture down. After I link them to the webserver and pass the link to Alex, I'm going to go to bed and catch up on sleep. I think I might be slightly sick, my throat feels itchy and dry and my nose has been alternatively (or alternatingly?) stuffed for the past few days.

Wanna watch anime though... there's a few new episodes of a few things (FMA!) that I want to watch.

Maybe mail links, anime, then bed. Mmm, but then it'd almost be time for lunch... haven't had breakfast yet either.

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