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Blair, Jubei-chan 2 OST, schoolwork...

Blair: "Students no longer allowed in halls without a sponsor"
That's rather sucky. I'm sure you could always look like you know what you're doing though... or just lie about having something to do.

:D See, that's what you get with a new school... it isn't so crappy that everyone wants to get out of it after school ends.

Eeeee, Jubei-chan 2 OST! Happiness. Wonder if there ever was a OST for the first one...

I really need to sit [ edit | should have been "down" not "download", as xella pointed out... ] and sort out what I'm going to say for my english presentation on Jean Sibelius. I mean, it's 5 minutes, and rather openended... STUPID BUSYWORK......

Huh. This track sounds like something from KUDO.... or even that flash-drums thing... O.o ::frowns:: I hope this OST gets better... so far, it's been rather... unOST/unJubei-chanish...

Really. What's up with the workload...? I mean, we should all just be given study-hall second semester so we can relax from our stressful 1.5 years of IB.
...the other side of me says it would like to note that if we didn't have anything to do, we'd be immensely bored and unsure of what to do with ourselves. And that would probably be bad. And, he says, we would slack off to the point that we wouldn't be able to get refocused fast enough for the IB and AP exams when they swing around in May.

Hmmm, may I beat myself up for being irritating...?

I'm think I'll let him take over and go do homework now. After I move the OST to my iPod so I can listen to it in my room.

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