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Just wasted another 20 minutes wandering around Xanga... Why? I can't remember... -.-;;;

No, it was because I wanted to crosspost the stupid IB article. Still haven't done that yet, though.

Point of _this_ post was to note that there's a TON of people on Xanga. Someday, if I get bored enough, I'll make some sort of dynamic directory system so people can track each other by real name, instead of by xanga/livejournal/blogger usernames and such... Preferably up-datable or accessible only with special permissions and such. Heavens knows I need it.

Don't understand why they like Xanga in the first place. Lousy interface, evil banners, lack of custom security settings... the only advantage is the e-mail subscriptions... that saves me from having to check their pages for entries. (That's something that LiveJournal probably couldn't support... I think livejournal has more users than Xanga..? The bandwidth and system toll required to send those e-mails, one to each user, querying connected friends for their most current posts, would become enormous. Mmm, no, that's not that true... same system toll occurs each time someone checks their friends page... Huh. I dunno.)

Sibelius, Sibelius, Sibelius, Sibelius...

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