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UM High School Programming Competition.

RM - solved 3 problems, got 9th (although we would have had 5th if stupid judges/judging-computers didn't randomly delete our working solution at time≈25 min from the start (winning-based on a. number of submitted problems, then if tied on a, then b. total time required for all submissions.)

Mmmm, good job all. Next year, I'd suggest you guys get the code to the other problems not being worked on by the person at the computer printed out onto paper - so you can start writing the code immediately instead of waiting for the person at the computer to finish. Because it was problematic trying to figure out what you guys meant in your how-to-solve-this-problem... I mean, it was helpful, but I still had to re-read the problem until I figured out what it was asking for. -.-;; Not says you guys were bad or anything, it would just have been more helpful... that way I would have been able to focus on debugging errors in your code instead of figuring out how to write it+debugging. Saves some time, you know.

Brain actually shut down about 2 hours into the competition... had to keep mentally prodding my brain to get it to think. I believe sharon saw me doing this :D

Oh, and eclipse can suck my ass. Stupid program kept being stupid. If we had codewarrior, we could have worked a hell lot faster with less having to close and re-open eclipse. Same with the stupid judges. My programs that I submit do run CORRECTLY, damnit. :P

All in all, I'm happy, and pretty proud of us. :) don't mind my complaints, that's just me keeping high expectations.

::yawns:: My head hurts, too much thinking. Dinner now.

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