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IBNeko's Journal-Nyo~!
9th Elsewhere: Interesting application of the 10 seconds rule! That randomly amuses me so much... Must remember and use that elsewhere :D

And go read 9th Elsewhere... it's been an interesting, alas semi-short comic somewhere.

....And now to go take a shower. Volleyball was rather nice today... I'm actually making guy friends for once! hehehehe... =^.^=

[ edit | 2 minutes later...]
Ooooh, lookie! A must have for all IB/LARGE textbook carriers- A robotic Exoskeleton. Got to love that picture there... almost reminds me of Chris Ryan's backpack :D Wonder how fast that exoskeleton could move/how much lifting force in a second... If it moved fast enough, maybe one could try jumping with it... and imagine the results in volleyball. Heck, or just strap on a quick rocket. Although that might be bad if you lose control... a literal example of a well tanned ass.

And they've got videos too... http://me.berkeley.edu/hel/bleex.htm
Dude, I want to go to Berkeley. I've said this already. ^^

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