Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


I got my first piece of livejournal comment spam! XD

not something I'd rejoice over, but upon going to post a nasty reply (or at least portscan their IP address), I found that they've already been suspended by LiveJounal. Go LiveJournal!

Pity it doesn't leave the IP address there.. it only shows "(Reply from suspended user)"

Subject: I read this.
I have found this post very interesting.
Stories on

(Heh, the paranoid side to me says that LiveJournal is actually watching each and every comment that gets posted. Not true, I know, but paranoid me amuses me. o.O or something. So he gets a voice today.)

Mmmm... and don't click the link. It goes to a porn story site... no pictures on the immediate page, and the stories aren't exactly crappy to the point of being utter shit (There's some really, really bad stuff out there. Bad as in, there's no attempt at trying to create some sort of story or plotline behind the porn...), but still, nothing there I'm interested in.

In other news, I think I did well on the CNQ today. I should have done well. I actually studied hard this time... (study hard=typing up notes. Helps refresh the information.)

The only thing I didn't remember too well was the names of people, as usual. Fah. Must write threatening letter to IBO to arrange for a list-of-historical-figures so I don't actually have to memorize the names ::bad/lazy::

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