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IBNeko's Journal-Nyo~!
I really want to rant and complain about the stupidity of people... But that can always wait. Bystanders... ::shudders:: today's history lecture was just... mmmrf. I didn't get a lot of notes, but it left me with quite a lot to think about... Mr. Hines did a really good job... I hope I'll be able to do what that woman did... No, I wish I wouldn't have to do what she did and that things would be stopped before it got that far.... but if the circumstances arise... must remember to keep the gun next to my umbrella stand...

And that picture of the dead in palmer was disturbing...

And why are people so easily indoctrinated..? It's disturbing... And the self-denial too... And considering the number of ignorant people out there, who haven't been challenged to think for themselves... I'm worried........

On a brighter topic... From rmptsa@lists.lights.com.
Han Xiao, IB senior, is competed in the International Table Tennis Federation's 2004 World Championships in Doha, Qatar, March 1-7. He will be competing with the best table tennis athletes in the world at the highest level.
Congratulations to the RM Chorus. During the latest county adjudication, our students received three number one ratings and one two plus. According to Mr. Frezzo, this is the best in nine years. Congratulations!
The It's Academic Team recently broke the record for total points in a single televised game in the 43-year broadcast history of the show. Did you see them on TV on March 6th? It was great watching our students competing at such a high level. Congratulations to the students and to Coach Dan McKenna.

Yes, so, congrats to Han, Sis and Lady, and Sharon! (::blinks:: I feel like I'm forgetting someone else that reads my journal who get a congrats....)

Hum. To the other iPod owners out there:
anyway to "disable" the playing of certain songs when I play the entire contents of the iPod? (Hmmm, probably not, but it would be useful...) so I don't keep running into the Hypnosis training files ^^;;; It's like... music, music, music, then suddenly, "Ok, so this file is designed to train you as a feline..." or something like that.
Yes, I could just put all the songs into the on-the-go playlist (or whatever it's called), but I like using the playlist for other things... You know, we need more options (or file management abilities) abilities on the iPod in general... I mean, it's good as it is right now, but it could be better in a few ways.
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contrasedative From: contrasedative Date: March 11th, 2004 02:07 pm (UTC) (Link)
I'm really curious as to what the history lecture was about... will you elaborate or should I just wait until next year?

There're some screwed up sentences there, but I guess you can't expect much from a PTSA writing sample. Most of their newsletters read like Strunk & White's examples of what not to do.

Hehe.. I didn't compete in that episode, but it was great watching it live, and Seth/Dan/Humza did really incredibly well. I wonder what would have happened if they scored more than 990 points? The scoreboard looks like it's only configured for three digits.. would it explode? Would it just read '999'?
ibneko From: ibneko Date: March 11th, 2004 06:26 pm (UTC) (Link)
Just wait until next year...

Mmm, I think Mr. Corrasco (sp?) wrote those...
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