Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Mr. RM and other assorted stuff..

..did cameraperson job, fun, damn kickass camera. Helped clean up and got praise from Mr. Rodney and promises of CAS hours - all I need to do now is to bring in the form and get it signed. After I get off my lazy ass and write the thing, of course. Need to get the IB Powerpoint one signed too. Wish our IBO (IB office) would repost/update the hours. That would be VERY helpful. They're not allowed to be lazy like me, you know... ::claims laziness for herself::

Mmm, most of Mr. RM was good (hey, it's a whatchamacallit.... MR RM reversed is MR RM - I trust others noticed as well?)... there was an excessive amount of ass-shaking. Vigorous Ass-shak'n. Yes. Someone enlighten me as to why women might find the male ass attractive... I mean, it's not like they have anything they can stick up there.......... Sure, it's socially connected to "sex" and such related other ideas, but, still.... "OOoh, look, he has such a hot ass!" But why..? Why not pay attention to other things, like muscles, and brains, and EMOTIONS+Ability to understand. I thought females mature faster... yet they still go for the physical?Hm, no, that goes a bit too far... and it's too much of a generalization. Sometimes.

Let's see... Downloaded a serious shitload of anime-related/anime stuff today. -.- Must find time to watch it. There's also an assortment of things that I should get done sometime soon, but I'm too worn out to do much else right now...

I'm going to forget, but here's one more reason why I shouldn't do the "V" symbol of horns in pictures anymore...
Baffamet also appeared in group photographs, when some joker raised two fingers behind a friend's head in the "V" symbol of horns. Certainly, few of the pranksters realized their mocking gesture was, in fact, advertising their victim's robust sperm count.
[ source | ]
And someone tell me what... the women know and the men don't. ::points to above link:: I'm confused.

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