Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

History notes: 03-12-04

Ghettos - '40
45K -> Warsaw. Open getto, outside is "Aryan side", where Jews can go to work.
There were 20 gates to get in and out of the Warsaw ghetto, but due to smuggling, etc, this number was reduced to 12 and security was beefed up, better than our airport security.
Jews given 12K calories.. part of it was pig lard and left over pig parts...
Rabbis said: Highest law = law of life, so break kosher
900 Calories, then 600 ( ==starvation - body begins to eat itself. How to survive? Eat grass, anything you can find. Wash daily, so you don't get sick. Some/many? Jewish prisoners died when US troops got there, because we fed them food and their body couldn't handle it. Now, we can use IVs to bring them back, but then, they were doomed.)
At the rate of 600 calories, the ghetto would be dead by '45-'46.

Warsaw was more porous == powerful resistance.
Lodz was completely sealed by '40.
Ramskein - work=more food!

German sends 3M men into Russia:
- 1M -> Leningrad (=North army)
- 1M -> Moscow (=Central army)
- 1M -> Baku (for Oil supply - had to go the furthest, Nicer weather though. =South army)

Southern army - Russians attack from side @ Stalingrad. Makes South army turn northwards, away from Baku. This effectively degenerates warfare from Hitler's Mobile warfare to a static, urban warfare... Soviets have demodernized warfare! Fight for yard by yard...
Behind each army, there's a Special Duty Group - SS = "Einsatzgrappen", each with it's own letter:
A - followed North
B - followed Central
C & D - followed South.

[ Packet from Göring to Heydrick + chart of Einsatzkommandos (people who commanded the einsatzgrappen?) - 7 of the 12?13 have doctorate degrees. That is scary... ]
Endlösung - final solution

Signs put up in Russia by Einsatzgrappen
Said things like "1 suitcase per person" and "you must move!" etc.
Russians Jews trusted these people... They were given Claim checks for their suitcase, and (ie, in Kiev) walked 11K people to Babiyar where people seperated from suitcases (remember the claim checks? made things more realistic and believable in a future. Panicked people=bad. Calm people=good)
Then you enter the Tube. It's a long corridor-like fenced area. Has openings on the side, where there are SS that attack and beat you with truncheans (Ben's note: imagine our hallway, with the doors open and people reaching into the hallway to beat on you and make you run down the hallway faster and faster). If you don't move fast or run the other way, you are pulled out and shot. End effect: You are numbed with shock.
This opens into a large holding area where people are ordered to strip. This (usually) removes all resistance from people.

Then, 20-30 groups are taken behind a (tall?) pile of dirt, shot, and dumped into a ravine.

[ Letter: No more Jews in Lithuania from Jägen (sp?) + "itemized" report on deaths. Detail is scary. ]
Mmm, not spellchecked, typed rather quickly...

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