Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


I'm still alive, btw. The lack of posts can be blamed on FFIX and inability to force self to do homework until the clock strikes 11. =-.-=

::crosses her fingers:: I hope I haven't caused more trouble again... That would be really really bad . . .

I'm going to go to bed soon (I promise, Claire. Why don't you go to bed first and stop whining at me. Please?) (and yes, Lady, I _will_ get around to drawing another picture of her... -.-;; need to find art skills....). But before bed, there's stuff I need to be reminded of:
1. Don't be cryptic and then clarify things without seriously thinking about why you were cryptic in the first place.
2. Don't post late at night (or when you're tired). Don't reply to comments late at night. We know these things already, you shouldn't have to be re-reminded about them. Bad kitty.
3. Any power=responsibility. Be more responsible.
4. Don't be too cryptic that people don't understand or misunderstand completely. That is a bad thing.
5. People move when you yell at them, but try not to over-do it so you don't scare them away. Cannon Fodder is Useful.
6. Livejournal is now 5 years old, with 2.5+ million accounts, and 50% activeness.
7. Say Hi to Julia (Kimball, I think, right?), who I added to my friends list to read, and haven't said Hi yet.
8. Drama tomorrow, bring wench. or wrench. However you spell the damn thing. Bring camera too, wanna get pictures of coordinated actors dancing outside.
9. Sleep, child, sleep.
10. Get those recommendation forms for that scholarship. Parents are right and you are wrong. 1000 some dollars should be worth getting off your stupid lazy ass and talking to people, even though the form is due tomorrow. =o.O=

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