Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
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6.1 and 6.2 quiz tomorrow. I think I get it, but there's a few things that confuse me. Must clear it up with Han tomorrow. He had better have his math stuff. Feh.

it's only 11:30. I've got 3 more problems to do and a final method to learn.

Really, I should read the textbook beforehand so I understand what we're learning in class and can pay less attention, 'cause you know, after lunch, I tend to be sleepy and discombobulated.

Scratch that, I'm always sleepy and discombobulated.

Mmmm, Lily keeps talking about beach week, which sounds more and more interesting... If she continues to carry on about it during math, I may have to make sure I tag along with wherever she ends up going, just to annoy her. (And see girls in swimsuits, but that's just the guys side of me thinking there, you know...)

If anyone wants to know, this is what we're learning in math right now. :D
That actually looks a lot like our textbook, but a tad bit more ugly (in terms of the variables that it uses, but looking carefully, it's the same formula's we use, just ugly. ::sticks her tongue out at it::) If you scroll down to Frobenius, that's what we're doing right now... 6.2, the thing I don't quite know yet.

Frobenius - section 4.3 in the above link.

Note to self: See if you can verify the Easter Egg - "The Practical Pig", Disney Silly Symphonies (another link)... Why? 'cause I want to see that Disney short... saw it twice when I was young, and it was one of my favorites at that time... And there's other reasons that I won't going into right now... Lady would know them. Need to find that DVD... Amazon isn't being clear if they have it or not... and I don't want to buy the DVD if I'm not sure if it contains the short or not... :P

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