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I hurt. ::winces:: but we got the fucking several meter high steps-to-scafolding thing up. Go us (being mostly me and Fei-fei, with the help of Lady, Chris Conroy, and Tobin). Managed to get splinters in my hand breaking the wood since we used saws instead of the nice electric thingie. Didn't want to disturb the actors, was Fei-fei's later reason. Should have asked him earlier and dragged it out to do it myself. Fuck them, it's the TECH rehearsal. And they want the scaffolding thing, don't they?

There's now a track that goes across the stage, signs of us dragging from stage left to stage right.

In other news, Cornell doesn't want me either. That would make 4/7 rejections, and 2/7 acceptances, and 1 that we're still waiting on, but probably got rejected from.

I know it's really not true and the chances of me getting in when pitted against certain others makes it slim, but I would like to shoot the admissions people. :P Damn, I'm too tired, I can't even rant properly. Probably would have been something childish along the lines of it isn't fair, and damn them, and they suck, and stuff. But I'm irrational (or perhaps more truthful, I dunno) when tired... so... I dunno how I really think.

...yeah, definitely can't rant. Ugh. Lady, did the energy actually get to you, I couldn't tell... although I am tired, but I think that's really more from working on the stupid scaffolding/ladder-steps things... Which has been named the death-trap, btw.

To the underclassmen, especially those with <3.4 GPAs and <1600 SATs.. if you plan on applying to an assortment of difficult colleges/universities (ie. MIT, Stanford, Yale, etc.), make sure you apply to some easy ones as well... UMBC, UMCP, nameless schools... ones that'll waive the application fee because they want you to apply so badly... Just for those acceptance letters, you know. It'll make you feel better, trust me. I want another acceptance letter... . . . . .

This is sad, I'm going to bedshower, then bed, now. Unless I feel more awake after the shower, then I might come back and watch anime until 2-3 AM or play FFIX.

Again, fuck you, admissions office-people. May you and your offspring (down to the sixth generation) forever become stupider by the intelligence quotient of one turtle for EACH PERSON YOU REJECT! _SO_ _MOTE_ _IT_ _BE_!

ah, and if you happen to be the offspring of an admissions office-person, get yourself disownedtoo bad. Sucks for you.

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