Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Bweeeee, pictures~

1-15 are Drama-ish pictures
16-37 are pictures from today's Cherry Blossom trip
38-41 are IB/AP schedules, if you need those...
42 is a goodluck cat thing that my dad got in Japan for me.
43 is the strange yellowish tap water mentioned a few days ago, followed by my half-melted cup in 44 (yes, I know no one really cares about this, it's just me being I-Have-A-Camera-And-I-Feel-Like-Taking-Random-Pictures)


//The pictures from actually turned out quite well... especially the few close-up ones... And there's a few good ones of Lisa as well... The one with Lily and Karen in front of the water is quite good as well, although it kinda looks like Lily's holding a gun or something to Karen's neck =o.O= (it's actually her camera)

Oh, and there's a security update for MacOS X. Haven't check it out yet, but it affects stuff. Mmm, stuff I use, anyways, so I'll update it at some time when I have the time and effort-energy.

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