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Now getting this kind of e-mail worries me... it's not the normal spam, but it's a sign that people (or virus spamming programs) have been using my e-mail to send spam. No, they have not hacked into my account, they've only hacked a mail server to send (or perhaps relay) a illegal mail message using my e-mail in the "from" field.

Source-code of the e-mailCollapse )

Now, the question is, what can I do about it? Not too much, I'm afraid. Without the log files from the mail servers that the e-mail got bounced through, I can't track down the originating machine. That means whoever is in control of the machine can continue to send more of such e-mails.

Question now is, if we annoy and bug the company that the e-mail points to... will they take steps to stop it? Take this company, for example...
benjamin% whois medd344.comCollapse )
Yeah. Not much we can do there... Would spammers spam pointless information? If the company was to suddenly disappear from the web then there wouldn't be a point for the spammers to spam links to the company, would there? Unless the spammers just want to spam, but I think that's unlikely... Granted, it takes little or no time and effort to do the spamming, a few crapscripts are all you need, and a open-relay... but.........

Oh, and that optout page actually loads. Surprise, surprise. I doubt it actually opts people out though. Maybe if we feed it some of the possible e-mail addresses might have...

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