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IBNeko's Journal-Nyo~!
Um. English Journals, right, will do that in a moment after a shower, and assuming my current sugar/caffine/whatever high remains with me.

Ummmm... I'll be commenting so I don't end up doing short, quick comments in people's journals from having fallen behind on reading stuff. Did that make sense? No? Good, moving on...

I am a Conspiracy Nut

Which America Hating Minority Are You?

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Hum. ::shrugs:: What did the answers say? I just picked the one that reflected the nicest off the back of my eyeballs. Bwee.

Dress Rehearsal was.. interesting. Lots of nice quotes, got to sit where sound usually sits (very nice view there... one can see the actors without having to sit higher than normal, and fiddling with the sound board is fun (mostly adjusting monitors). Amused by the speech by Goldman (sp?/whatever his name is... need to rant about him later...) made about not making comments and stuff offstage because they'll still be on monitors? or something like that. Highly amused. and the actors can't touch the mics because they're NOT OURS! MWAHAHAHAHA! Which brings me to this whole Goldman thing. He is an obsessive, compulsive freak. And, although the equipment is his (nice equipment too), he acts so... compulsive about things. Like how the mics must be taped on (sure, ok, maybe it does affect things, and maybe there's reasonable, logical reasons behind the having to do this this way and that that way, but...) it's just the attitude he has when going about it... Not to mention the fact that, as Chris C. said, he acts like he's worked in crappy theaters all his life. With kids, probably. And seems to have oddly mixed expectations about us and all. Like, he seems to expect us to know some things, yet treats us as if we know nothing. Yes, that's what I get from him.

Mmm, enough out of me tonight. College/University listing thing I'll work on tomorrow... QUESTION TO PEOPLE WHO'LL PROBABLY USE IT/KNOW PEOPLE WHO WILL BE USING IT: Will a password be inconvenient? Just to add/delete schools? It'll probably be something simple, hardcoded into the system, but... would people be annoyed at having to get a password from someone (me? or other people who use the site/page?) in order to make changes? 'cause from what I know, people tend to be lazy about internet things.. they want it to be as little of a bother as possible.... :P Especially with senioritis hitting everyone....

So.. balance between more tediousness vs. possible random idiots online adding themselves to the listing.

I'm Done, goodnight, fairwell, and dear goddess make rehearsal go faster tomorrow... Especially with the mic-ing of the actors. We need a better system or more people. There's 3 total right now, Barnwell, Julia, and some random sound girl that I don't know yet. And it's too crowded back there to do this efficiently.. actors should be ordered out into the lobby so we call them in one by one, and as they get mic-ed, we put them onstage, test them, and move on. Like an assembly line or something...
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marbenais From: marbenais Date: April 13th, 2004 09:41 pm (UTC) (Link)
Yeah . . . he talked to me as if I was a freshman who'd never seen any sound equipment before, and I was like "I KNOW HOW TO HANDLE A MICROPHONE, THANK YOU." and he was all patronizing.
And he was first like "are you Megan?" so SOMEONE had been talking about me and THEN he was all patronizing and shit SO WHO WAS BADMOUTHING ME?!


Yes, password good.

Hmm . . . they should come to the sound table as soon as they're all ready, which WILL BE well before Greenroom if I have to dress them myself, and then the miccing and testing . . . I dunno, I'm exhausted.
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