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Ah, oh yeah.

Got the Jekyll and Hyde soundtrack from Nick. He had, like.. 5 extra copies o.O This was the least scratched up copy... silly boy ought to put them in tightly wrapped paper or something. But still, I have the soundtrack! ::rejoices:: I'm still going to download them from the 'net (or some of them), since there's still jumps and scratches on this one. Maybe I just need to clean it.

I'll rip it and post it for anyone who wants to listen to the nice songs... Fasçade! Murder! Bring ON THE MEN!

Ah, and don't forget to visit sometime. Showdates are there. The site is decent, although a pretty good looking implementation of the widely popular phpBB scripts. I want to make a "bridge" of some sort that'll connect it to livejournal, so we won't have to check for updates, and we'll pick up on things in the future.

I need one of those things that buffs the cd... or whatever it's call.. to get the scratches off... some of these are deep enough to affect the playing... and I don't want to rip a crappy CD.

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