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This hasn't happened since Hello Dolly... Now, a few people stood last night, but tonight, practically EVERYONE stood up and applauded. [insert tears of joy or kittenish bouncing here].

There's been a few technical mishaps (Seth's mic going bad last night-probably due to his overall awesomeness, and a bad leko tonight, as well as row-lights being stupid both nights. But, standing ovations.. OMG. Happiness.

Heheh, some of the door magnets have been removed to spell LIGHTING '06 (may have to change that to 04.) and placed on the other door to spell "I EAT PINES" with a rather large... "tree" (looks more like a butt plug/dildo/whatever you want to call it to me). (if you don't get that, reverse the E and the I. They were originally reversed, but Sam was like, "no, we can't have that!" so Fei-fei change it to PINES. I made a panic button, but Mr. Rodney squished it (inflatable origami paper ball.). There was also a Penis Button (I made it after seeing Fei-fei's "I EAT PINES") and Mr. Rodney found that as well... I hear him down the hallway from the booth =^____^=

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